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We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing Balustrades which is a row of repeating balusters. Balusters or Handrails are small posts that support the upper rail of a railing and often used in staircases, pool fencing, porches, verandas, patios, corridors and hallways. It is not only used in residential and commercial buildings, but also in many public places such as shopping centres and schools. It reduces the risk of people falling of stairways or high places such as balconies. It may be used as a support for walkway railings and holding onto for ramps, be used as a barricade for privacy screens, gates or fencing for swimming pools. Safety is important to us which is why it is crucial that barricades are installed properly and that all our balustrade installations meet with the requirements and standards of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

We do balustrades for all types of places, whether it is commercial, residential, retail, public or industrial. Most of our balustrades are tailor-made to suit the structure of a particular site or building. Since every site requires us to meet different needs and styles, we provide customers a range of materials to choose from. Our balustrades are custom made to achieve the particular look and style our customer is after. We take each project seriously and try our best to meet our client’s needs and requirements.

why AAHM Engineering?

We provide a range of materials to choose from for our balustrades such as Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Glass. We are not limited to only one product like other companies.

  • Premium Quality
  • Local Manufacturing
  • Custom Designs
  • Strength and Durability
  • Over a decade Experience


Steel is also known as iron/wrought iron metal and is a combination of iron and carbon. It can be used in handrails, gates and staircases, walkway railings. Steel is a strong malleable metal.

Also known as inox steel does not rust, corrode or stain with water or poor environment conditions.

Glass balustrades are commonly used in balconies and especially pool fencing as it does not obstruct views from inside or outside the pool which is highly important for parents with children for their safety.  It does not have any toe-holes that children can climb, also making it a safer option. You can choose for glass balustrades to be framed, semi-framed with aluminium or with your choice of steel, or it can be fully frameless.

Glass balustrades are excellent for all types of weather, it is visually attractive and creates an elegant classy look and can also act as a wind barrier.


Aluminium balustrades have gained popularity over the years in the world of architectural design and the construction industry because of its remarkable resistance to corrosion and deterioration. It is a long-lasting material and is cost effective. It is popularly used in residential and commercial buildings.

It can be powder coated for a more fashionable look and a protective a decorative finish. We supply a range of colours to choose from.

Some important factors to consider when choosing balustrades that will save your time before contacting us:

  • Indoors or outdoors – Are you looking to install your balustrades inside or outside? Where you live matters. It is important to choose the right materials to suit the environment. Different weather conditions can sometimes affect some materials. For longer lasting durability it is essential to choose the right product. For example, ‘tea-staining’ from the sea, which looks like rust (but be cleaned easily), can be common for residents who live in front of the beach and in coastal areas. Powder coated Aluminium Balustrades for outdoors is the best option for customers who prefer easy maintenance. 
  • Site – It may even be a good idea to have your house plan ready so we can see the location and dimensions of the building site to determine what can be achieved. 
  • Maintenance – All balustrades can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Your supplier will usually provide you with cleaning instructions and how to maintain your balustrades.
  • Safety – It is crucial that all Balustrades in Australia are installed in accordance with the Australian Safety Standards and Building Codes to ensure that the area is safe for everyone. Any type of Balustrade should not have toe-holes or anything that enables climbing. It is essential especially with young children who may use balustrades as a ladder to climb  gates and barricades or pool fences which can be life threatening and cause deaths as numerous children drown each year in their own backyard swimming pool. It is important to make sure tragedies like these do not occur.
  • Costs/ your budget – Considering costs for clients is important as it gives us an indication of what your budget is and what materials are cost effective to suit your needs. 
  • Strength & Durability – It is essential to consider the strength and durability of materials in order to choose the right type of balustrade for you and your environment. It is important that high quality and reliable materials are used.
  • Style & Beauty – Balustrades should look good. Customers not only admire the strength and durability of our balustrades but are satisfied with how beautiful it looks. Do you already have a particular style in mind? Have you considered mixing materials to create a unique style? Clients who want an aesthetic appeal to their balustrades can choose from various styles to achieve their desired look to suit their home or building/project. There are a range of styles to choose from such as modern/contemporary, classic, traditional, industrial or even country style for an elegant look!

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